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Creating an Account
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Before you sign up

Is Successbook123 free?

Successbook123 is absolutely free and shall remain as so forever. Successbook123 may at one point offer paid for services. Users visiting Successbook123 via mobile devices shall incur costs as per charges stated by their mobile service provider.

Can I join my Successbook123 account with any other account?
Successbook123 accounts are designed for individual use. You can only access your Successbook123 using the email address you registered with.

Putting this into consideration, Successbook123 recommends entering your real names during registration so as to create a sense of trustworthiness on the site.

Why do I get an invitation email from a contact to join Successbook123?
You received this email because Successbook123 allows users to send invitation emails to their email contacts by logging to email accounts or by uploading their contacts.

If you're already registered on Successbook123 and received such an email please ignore it.

If you are not already a Successbook123 user and would like to join, you can use this email to start the registration process.

Creating a new account

How do I sign up for Successbook123?

Creating a new Successbook123 is easy and only requires a few details from you to enter in the sign up form on which include name, email, age, password etc.
Upon completion of the sign up process, we will send you an email to confirm ownership. Click on the link provided in the email to finalize registration.

What's the difference between signing up and logging in?

Sign Up
If you are not a Successbook123 user, you can register with us by performing a number of steps. The sign up form on will assist you in doing this. All you have to do is enter your name, email, age, password etc.

Log In
On the other hand, Successbook123 users can access their account by entering their email and password in the top right side of the same page referred to above and clicking on the Log In button.

What is the minimum required password length and password strength?

Successbook123 requires that your password be at least 6 characters in length. It is recommended that you try and make your password as complex as possible by using a mixture of upper case, lower case letters, numbers and special characters but at the same time making sure it is easy to remember for you.

Additionally, see to it that your Successbook123 password is different from those registered elsewhere.