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Successbook123 Glossary
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Successbook123 Glossary

Account Settings

Use your account settings to manage basic account preferences. You can edit your name or email info and password.

Alerts are onsite updates about activity on Successbook123.

You can block someone from seeing your profile, adding you as a contact, and viewing anything you share on Successbook123.

Contacts are people you connect and share personal information with on Succesbook123.

Messages is a feature you can use to exchange private messages with your Successbook123 contacts.

My Space
My Space is the space on your profile where you and contacts can post and share content.

Privacy Settings
Your privacy settings let you manage basic privacy preferences, such as who can send you contact requests, post on your Space, etc. For everything else that you share on Successbook123, you can choose your viewer right when you post.

Your profile is a page of everything that is about you on Successbook123.

Profile picture
Your profile picture is the main photo of you on your profile. Your profile picture appears as a thumbnail next to your comments and other activity around Successbook123.

Search is a tool to find users on Successbook123.

Viewer Selector
Your viewer selector lets you choose who can see what you post, every time you post.