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Privacy for Profile and Contact Information
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Understanding Profile Visiblity
Who can see my space?
Any Successbook123 user who visits your profile can click on the "Space" tab but what they see on it depends on what privacy your posts are set to.

The visibility of posts on your own Space depends on the audience you choose for each post using the viewer selector. For example, a contact will see posts you've set to Contacts, Contacts of Contacts and Public, while a non-contact will only see posts you've set to Public. If you do not have any public posts, then a non-contact will see a blank Space tab.

Which contacts appear on the left column of my profile?
Successbook123 lists a random number of your contacts on the left hand column of your profile page under the Contacts heading. We don't pick these list based on any criteria whatsoever.

Who can I see the Contacts section of my profile page?

The Contacts section of your profile page can only be viewed by yourself and your Contacts. This means that non-contacts cannot view your contacts.

Who can post to my Space? How do I block people from posting?
By default, only you and your contacts can post on your space. To block people from posting on your space:
  1. Click "More" at the top of any Successbook123 page
  2. Select "Privacy Settings" from the drop-down menu
  3. Navigate to the "How You Connect" heading, from the dropdown menu next to "Who can post on your wall?" choose Only Me.

How do I hide my birthday?
To edit how your birthday appears to your contacts, click the "Edit Profile" link at the top of your profile and find the Basic Info section.

Choose which parts of your birthday your contacts see. Use the dropdown under your birthday fields to choose. You can display your full birthday, or just the month and day, or you can hide your birthday completely.

How do I choose who sees my posts?
Before you post, you can choose who you share it with by selecting either of two options which include:


This tool is ever present whenever you want to post a Success Story or Message.

To let you know at all times who you shared your post with, a label will accompany your post indicating this. If you wish to change who can view your post later on, use the viewer selector to choose an appropriate option.

It is important to note that the above is only true if you are not posting on someone's profile otherwise these options are only available to its owner.

Who can comment on my post?
Any Successbook123 user who can see your post can comment on it. This will depend on the viewer selector option that you chose.