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How To Control Privacy When You Share

How do I control privacy for things I share?

On Your Profile

Before you post a story you can choose who sees it by using the drop down selector located below the post entry field. Note that you can also make use of the viewer selector that accompanies each of your stories to control who gets to see it after you post.

Not on Your Profile

Please be aware that the above privileges are not afforded to you whenever you post on someone's profile. Only the said profile's owner can decide the fate of your posts.

How do I choose who sees my posts?
Before you post, you can choose who you share it with by selecting either of two options which include:


This tool is ever present whenever you want to post a Success story.

To let you know at all times who you shared your post with, a label will accompany your post indicating this. If you wish to change who can view your post later on, use the viewer selector to choose an appropriate option.

It is important to note that the above is only true if you are not posting on someone's profile otherwise these options are only available to its owner.

What's the default viewer for posts that I share?
If you do not change anything in the viewer selector when you post, your post will be available for public viewing. Keep this in mind before and after posting anything.

Can I change the viewer for something I've already posted?
Yes you can. Use the viewer selector that is present beside your post to make your desired choice.

Who can comment on my post?

Any Successbook123 user who can see your post can comment on it. This will depend on the viewer selector option that you chose.

How do I know who can see my posts?

In case you cannot recall which option you selected when you posted something, you can find out by having a look at the label beside your post. The following is what you can expect to see for each setting:

Contacts of Contacts

Your Viewer Options

Which viewer options can I choose from to share content with?

The viewer selector allows you to decide who should see your posts. Your choices include:

Public: This option means that anybody will be able to see your post. It is recommended that you select this setting if you're comfortable sharing the post with anybody. This includes users who are not your Successbook123 contacts.

Contacts: This option means that only your contacts can view your post.